Davis: Deputy 'Remorseful' After Simms Traffic Stop

9:39 AM, Sep 26, 2012   |    comments
Bibb County Judge Howard Simms
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Bibb County's chief deputy says an officer involved in Saturday's traffic stop of Judge Howard Simms is "remorseful" and "concerned" about how the case was handled.

Davis said the Bibb County Superior Court judge was allowed to drive 4 to 5 miles home even though he got a .08 on a breathalyzer test. That's the usual standard for driving under the influence.

Asked whether deputies violated policy in the case, Davis said, "I can't answer that" until their investigation is complete.

He expects that will happen by Friday and that Sheriff Jerry Modena will hold a news conference next week to discuss the case.

Davis said they're still sorting out other details of the case, including how many Bibb County deputies were involved.

He said Simms was initially stopped by an officer from another agency other than the Bibb Sheriff's Department during last Saturday's Rolling Thunder roadblocks. Davis said the state trooper turned the matter over to local deputies, and "one, two or three" Bibb deputies had contact with Simms.

Davis said he's not sure which Bibb officer made the decision not to charge Simms and to let the judge drive home.

Simms on Tuesday released a news statement saying that he will enter rehabilitation for alcohol addiction. He apologized for the "hurt and embarrassment" caused by the stop.


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