The Jones Zone

Ben and Lorra Jones

Ben and Lorra GO head-to-head each week picking their game winners -- and you have a chance to weigh in!

The pressure is on as we head into the final week of the regular season and the final week of the Jones Zone.

After a surprising upset for both Warner Robins and Ben, that game gave him a leg up and keeping Lorra's one game lead from lengthening.

As we head into the last episode of the Jones Zone, Lorra has an unprecedented one game lead over Ben. Is this Ben's chance to finally win the Jones Zone? Is he prepared to hang out in the dog house if he snakes the lead from Lorra?

Vote this week and watch on Thursday to see their picks!

The tally as we head into the final Jones Zones looks like this:

Lorra: 17-13
Ben: 16-14


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