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7:59 AM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - It wouldn't have hurt to at least reach the first day of summer before the Heisman Trophy odds came rolling out.

Oh, that's right, with everything today, from Twitter to texting, we need to know about anything as quickly as possible. Knowing about something yesterday doesn't seem to be enough.

I need it now. And if I don't know it now, somebody else will and I can't let that happen (this way of thinking drives me crazy each and every day, but it's the world we live in and it's not going away).

Along that same vein of earlier is OK (more than OK?) came who might win the Heisman Trophy - which will be presented, by the way, in December, which, I believe, is not summer.

It begs the question, why even play the season? Or, did last season even end?

Before we go on, please let me get one thing straight. I love college football, especially the Ivy League because they still get it, and can't wait for late August for it to start.

But Heisman talk in June? Oh, brother.

What's next? How about the odds of who will win the Heisman in 2014.

From what I've heard, we'll have to wait until next week for those.

And here's where I give in. Since they're out, and people are talking about them, let's try to forecast six months into the future to see who's in New York getting the trophy.

Let's start with the guy who won it last year, Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M - the favorite to do it again.

Johnny Football is electrifying and nobody will get more attention than he will, win or lose. He seems to be enjoying his celebrity status, the guy is in the news seemingly every other day, but the bottom line is the bottom line.

His Aggies are going to be terrific on offense and if Manziel is just very good, not even great, it will be hard to supplant him in New York. Of course, we had only one repeat Heisman winner - Ohio State's Archie Griffin in 1974 and '75, but Manziel looks like the exception.

Staying with quarterbacks, I really like (as do NFL scouts) Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater. He has the arm and the legs that coaches drool over and he's also humble (Bridgewater asked the Louisville sports information people not to promote him as a Heisman candidate).

What he doesn't have is a dynamic team. The Cardinals need to be undefeated for a long time for Bridgewater to stay near the top of the list.

Over at Ohio State, quarterback Braxton Miller will get plenty of hype from the Buckeyes supporters and his team will be in the top five. That's a good combination if you're trying to win the Heisman.

What? We've written 500 words about college football and haven't mentioned Alabama yet? Shame on us, we've had to have broken some law.

Now we will. Tide running back T.J. Yeldon is a monster. Big, fast, nasty and running behind an Alabama line that continually delivers players to the NFL.

Yeldon is going to have a big year, but he'll be hurt by the fact that his quarterback, A.J. McCarron, also is really good and will take votes away from him. A nice problem for a team to have, two Heisman candidates lining up for you every Saturday.

And, finally, a dark horse (kind of) on the other side of the ball to possibly have a shot at winning the big trophy is South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

You'll hear his name first from Roger Goodell at the NFL Draft in May (yes, May) and maybe you'll hear it in December, too.

Clowney plays in the best conference - the SEC - he's the best defensive player going and the 'Ol Ball Coach will sing his praises each week.

Plus, he owns the highlight hit of highlight hits, the one in which he crunched Michigan's Vincent Smith in the Outback Bowl and then recovered the fumble. We've all seen the hit a thousand times and it never gets old (except for Smith, I'd imagine).

It will hurt Clowney that the Heisman Trophy figure is holding a ball, and offensive guys always win, but maybe this year will be different.

All we have to do now is wait half a year to find out.

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