Mercer Hoops Tip-Off Event open to Fans

10:52 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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MACON - We are days away from the start of Mercer hoops.

The men's and women's programs are ready to tip off with a special night for fans.

Coaches, Bob Hoffman and Susie Gardner, will open Hawkins Arena for basketball fans of all ages tomorrow night.

The tip off event is usually a dinner with a guest speaker, but this year, the crowd will participate.

Coaches say the court will be open, so fans can meet players, and shoot some hoops.

"People can come in their tennis shoes and their warmups," said Gardner. "They're going to have shooting games. [It will] test everybody's basketball skill on the court."

Coach Hoffman thinks the event will springboard the fans into basketball mode.

"It's getting time to play basketball," said Hoffman. "[I] can't wait for the popcorn to stop popping, and everybody be in the stands and start playing games. It's time to get it on."

The event starts at 6 pm on Tuesday.

It costs $20 for adults, $10 dollars for kids under the age of 12, and admission is free for children five and under.

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