Athlete of the Week: Jesse Deariso

12:11 AM, Nov 2, 2012   |    comments
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This season when John Milledge Academy takes to the football field on Friday nights, they have been perfect. Unbeaten at 9-0, they rely on a heavy dose of leadership from Senior Jesse Deariso to remain on top of the standings.

Coach JT Wall explains, "As an offensive lineman you don't get a whole lot of recognition in and out of the state sheets. But those guys who are getting those numbers, the quarterbacks, the runningbacks, the recievers wouldn't get the yards if they didn't have an offensive line especially a center because he touches the ball every play."

Jesse keeps things in order as the starting center on offense and linebacker on defense, two positions where he is the focal point of each respective unit.

"He's the captain of our team", says Wall. "Everything we do runs through him. He kind of gets us lined up on both sides of the ball like I said. He's a good role model not just for only the athletes on this team, but everyone in this school."

Jesse adds, "It's a lot of pressure keeping up this streak right now, we just have to keep focused and do what we do best."

It should come at no surprise that Jesse keeps that same intensity in the classroom as he executes on the gridiron.

"Grades have always been stressed by my parents", says Jesse. "My brother has always had good grades, and he's always been a real big influence. I take English 1101 at Georgia college, its a lot of essay writing, basic rhetoric and I take pre-Calculus too."

The Trojans have been through a lot of Jesse's career at JMA but now as a senior, Wall says he's paid his dues.

"He's been through this for four years as a freshman going 0-10 and now with the possibility of having an undefeated season, he's really been a leader on and off the field and in the classroom as well", says Wall.

And Jesse hopes his dream season continues deep into the playoffs on the road to a possible championship.

Jesse has already been accepted to Mercer where he plans to major in Engineering. As for the perfect regular season.. JMA and the Trojans face Gatewood for their final regular season game Friday night on the road.















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