Mercer Hits Turf for First Fall Camp Scrimmage

11:04 PM, Aug 10, 2013   |    comments
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MACON--  The Bears rested up Saturday night and enjoyed time with family after their first scrimmage of fall camp.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent doing two-a-days. Saturday, Mercer was out on the turf once for a scrimmage.  The Bears went full speed and rotated through first, second and third team units. 

"We had no turnovers which is very positive on the offensive side of the ball," said head coach Bobby Lamb.  "There was one 21-play drive by our third string offensive against the third string defense and that was pretty impressive."

Lamb was pleased with the composure of his signal callers.

"I think the way our quarterbacks managed the game, they did a good job because you didn't have turnovers.  We did have a few holding calls which was disappointing.  So those are some of the things you're looking for in scrimmage number one.  You just want to have a great scrimmage, a clean scrimmage.  The number one thing today that was the best thing, we didn't get anybody hurt."

There were points when the quarterbacks were flushed out of the pocket quickly or had no time to get rid of the ball before the defense was on top of them.  

"We're mixing and matching some guys up front," explained Lamb.  "Basically, we're rotating guards in, we're rotating tackles in."

"We're just trying to find the best 5 to start out with and the best 10 after that.  So we probably had some mixing and matching.  Our defensive line did a good job of putting pressure and the quarterbacks did a good job of getting out and throwing it away."

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