Thousands at RAFB Furloughed Friday

6:42 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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Thousands of civilian workers at Robins Air Force Base took a day off Friday, but it was no holiday. Because of sequestration, they must take one unpaid day off a week through the end of September. That's a 20 percent pay cut for the next 11 weeks.

13WMAZ went out to see how some civilian base employees are spending that day. 

Glenn Geinzer, who says he works as a hazardous waste disposer on the flight line at RAFB, spent his day working on his lawn, something he typically wouldn't have to do. 

"We like to have somebody help out with it and do the trimming and cutting for us since I am pretty busy during the week and on weekends. We have had to scale back on some of our things we try to do," said Geinzer. 

Mark Connelly said he spent time with his family at Rigby's Entertainment. He said they planned this outing a while back because his granddaughter was visiting. 

"We already had this planned. You know, my granddaughter was looking forward to this. You can't tell a 6-year-old that we aren't going to go rollerskating now because I am off every Friday, so they don't understand that," said Connelly. 

Connelly said the first furlough day wasn't so bad, but he thinks it will get worse. 

"It will be a lot more, a lot more anxiety, but right now, it's the initial one. It's going to get a little more harder down the road, I haven't seen the pinch yet because we haven't been docked in our pay," said Connelly. 

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