My Teacher Is Tops: Wesley Young

5:31 PM, May 8, 2013   |    comments
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Some middle schoolers say a young, Bleckley County teacher knows how to bring the material to life. But for one student, this teacher was more than an instructor. He was a friend. 

Jacob Lawson, an eighth grader at Bleckley County Middle School, sent 13WMAZ a letter about his literature teacher Wesley Young. He said that he is strict, but considerate. But he also told us how his teacher stood by him during a difficult time in his life. Lawson's mother passed away in December, and Young played piano at her funeral. 

"Because like he played at my mom's funeral, he is kind to me," said Lawson. "You feel like you are never alone and you have company and stuff."

"Hearing him bring that up and how much that meant to him I almost want to go tell him how much that meant to me because it was an honor to be that person for him, be there for him," said Young. 

In Young's class, they make the stories jump off the page by reading them aloud as plays. 

"In most of your reading, your language arts classes you don't interact you just do work by yourself but we read together," said Nash Mullis. 


Young has been teaching for four years and students say that he understands where they are coming from. 

"He's not like every other teacher," said Katie Pope. "He is really respectful of you and he's really young so he knows what we go through and stuff so and he knows what we want to do."

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