Man's Best Friend Saves Lives in East Macon

7:08 PM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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Three people made it safely out of a house fire on Maynard Street in east Macon Monday. Homeowner Roger Phillips said his two dogs, Lady and Snoop, saved his life and two others.

"They started barking...and [I] didn't know what they were really barking at to be barking like that. And when we opened the door we seen the fire, it was out of control," said Phillips. 

Sgt. Ben Gleaton with the Macon-Bibb County Fire Department said the fire started in the living room around the couch and spread to the front porch, attic and front of the living room. He called the damage extensive.

The homeowner's cousin, 81-year-old Cleveland Brown, said he tried to escape through the front door but could not due to falling debris.

"I had to get out the back window back there. Cuz see most of the fire was in front of the fireplace. See I couldn't get my legs out," he said.

Gleaton said the fire department installed fire detectors in the home, however they were found on a table and the batteries were uninstalled. 

Phillips attributed this to construction. "I took them down cuz I was doing work on the inside," he said.

Phillips, who suffered second-degree burns, said he regrets not re-installing the detectors in another area of the home once he took them down.

He has owned the home for seven years and plans to finish paying off his mortgage this year. He said he will live with family members while the house gets fixed.


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