BRACKET CHALLENGE | Best Movies for Halloween

11:01 AM, Oct 27, 2012   |    comments
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Tom James looks at a Michael Myers mask from the movie 'Halloween' at the Fantasy Costumes HDQ. store October 17, 2003 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

This time of year is always a lot of fun, especially when we take a break to watch some scary movies. Everyone has their own opinion about what makes a flick good around Halloween so we figured we'd give you the chance to sound off on it.

Cast your vote for your favorites in each round until a winner is crowned on Halloween! Just like in basketball, there are four regions with ranked seeds in each. 



What are the match-ups in round one? Let us show you.

Region 1: Devils & Demons

#1 The Exorcist vs. #8 Hellraiser - Two totally different, book-based visions of hell. William Peter Blatty twisted "true events," and the other is a cult classic from the mind of Clive Barker.

#2 Nightmare on Elm St. vs. #7 Saw - Kings of gore and mental torture square-off with dream master Freddy Krueger vs. Jigsaw, wager of psychological warfare.

#3 The Omen vs. #6 Paranormal Activity - Would you rather have a child that is evil incarnate, or a house that is evil incarnate? Those are your choices here.

#4 Carrie vs. #5 Blair Witch Project - These two bad broads couldn't be more different. One lives out in the sticks and plays with sticks, while the other just doesn't play well with anyone when she's upset.

Region 2: The Supernaturals

#1 Halloween vs. #8 Session 9 - The original slasher flick, which made trick or treating scary, goes up against an indie horror flick that depends on subtly and psychological scares. 

#2 The Ring vs. #7 Shaun of the Dead - Do you like your Halloween movies scary and full of cryptic girl ghosts or funny and running over with great British zombie humor?

#3 The Haunting vs. #6 Phantasm - One was adapted from Shirley Jackson's Haunting of Hill House, and the other set the bar for low-budget but creative thrills.

#4 Evil Dead vs. #5 American Werewolf in London - These two movies mix their frights with pratfalls and plenty of laughs. Each was helmed by underrated directors, Sam Raimi and John Landis.

Region 3: Slashers & Spirits

#1 Psycho vs. #8 Trick 'r Treat - Hitchcock's film is so good, it inspired a remake, sequels and two movies about it. Its competition weaves together four stories set at Halloween.

#2 Friday the 13th vs. #7 Scream - This match-up pits the classic, stalking, killing machine against a not-so-new kid on the block who helped renew mainstream interest in horror.

#3 Dawn of the Dead vs. #6 Poltergeist - Why not Night of the Living Dead here? Because original or remake, Dawn of the Dead is just better. And Poltergeist? ...don't go into the light.

#4 Suspiria vs. #5 Dracula - Italian horror maestro Dario Argento's masterpiece film goes up against one of the all-time heavyweight bad dudes in film (and literature). 

Region 4: Creature Features

#1 The Shining vs. #8 The Descent - Stephen King may not like the adaptation by Stanley Kubrick but everyone else does. If you're likely to go spelunking, don't watch The Descent first.

#2 Texas Chainsaw Massacre vs. #7 Let the Right One In - Tobe Hooper's ode to (very) dysfunctional families is still brutal and disturbing, a stark contrast to its opponent's poetic balance of violence and innocence.

#3 Rosemary's Baby vs. #6 Frankenstein - One, you'd be better off not watching if you're deciding whether to have kids, and the other is great if you like to literally make friends.

#4 Freaks vs. #5 28 Days Later - In Freaks, director Tod Browning cast people with physical deformities to play circus performers. Director Danny Boyle reinvented the zombie by making them run fast in 28 Days Later.

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