How to Nominate Your Top Teacher

5:54 PM, Aug 31, 2011   |    comments
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Many students are back at school working hard and so are our Junior Journalists.

Logan Arnold, one of our Junior Journalists spent the day learning how to nominate a teacher for Our Teacher is Tops.

He sat down with Executive Producer, Kari Buckindail to find out everything you need to know about nominating your teacher.

She says the My Teacher is Tops program helps students in Central Georgia thank their teachers for how much they do in the classroom. 

So how do you nominate your favorite teacher? "You send us a letter and it needs to be a one page hand written letter that tells us how great that teacher is why you like that teacher." says Buckindail.

The letter need to include the name of your teacher, the school he or she teaches at and what grade they teach.

Buckindail says they look for letters that "stand out," and it must be neatly written. "We want it to be in a child's handwriting that way we know the child wrote it and not his or her parent, neatness counts of course and we do look at grammar. We don't want it to be text speak. We want the words spelled out." says Buckindail.

"After we choose the letter, we call the principal, says Buckindail,  "It is a great big secret we don't want word to get out do the only people we tell is the principal or the assistant principal and the junior journalist."

She says we try to keep the winning teacher a secret so we can catch their surprise on camera.

Any student in Central Georgia can nominate their teacher for my Teacher is Tops from pre-k all the way up through college.

Just because we don't use your letter the week, we receive it doesn't mean it won't be selected.  We keep the letters throughout the school year and consider them all each week. 

To nominate your teacher send your letter to:

 My Teacher is Tops

1314 Gray Highway

Macon, GA 31211 

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