Three Candidates Campaign for Warner Robins Post 4

2:54 PM, Oct 23, 2013   |    comments
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  • Bob Wilbanks, Post 4 candidate
  • Tim Thomas, Post 4 candidate
  • Ben Campbell, Post 4 candidate

We're two weeks from Election Day, November 5, and 13WMAZ wants to introduce you to the three candidates for the Warner Robins city council seat in Post 4.

"I'm not going to vote for anything that increases taxes or costs us money. I understand if you don't have it you don't spend it and if you do have it you put it up for rainy days," says candidate Tim Thomas. 

Thomas has been a businessman in Warner Robins for 30 years. He says he's been around politics his whole life. 

"I'm tired of hearing politicians say that we want to get business and they never explain how they're going to do it. We have to market ourselves, we market our place, our city and our people and then we go and target the companies we want to bring in here. We just don't take anything, we want to make sure we bring the right companies that fit Warner Robins," says Thomas. 

He says local government currently lacks leadership. "I'm not pointing fingers and saying blame is here or there, but from this point on we need to be strong in our leadership." 

There are seven seats on local government and there's a possibility that only two will be returning from the previous team. Bob Wilbanks says he's been asked to run because he's served on council before.

"People are uncomfortable with what's going to happen when you have such a turnover at one time it's very wise to have some continuity, to have some people who knew what the plans were, who knew how we grew when we were growing. When I was on council we were named the best place to raise a child," explains Wilbanks. 

Wilbanks is the police chief for Central Georgia Technical College and served on city council from 2008 to 2011. 

"I have a record of voting against raising taxes. In fact I voted to lower taxes, I always stood up for the people." says Wilbanks. 

He says he's for cleaning up the area near Robins Air Force Base and bringing more businesses to that area, as well as near Interstate 75.
But while doing it he says the government needs to be transparent. 
"The people who pay the taxes in the city of Warner Robins deserve to know what our challenges are, they deserve to know what we're going to do about it and what it's going to cost them," says Wilbanks. 

Wilbanks thinks his time on council in the past is a positive thing, but Ben Campbell disagrees.

"Just because you were there before, just because you've done it before does not mean you're the best person for the job," says Campbell. 

Campbell, a twenty-one year Air Force veteran is now a program manager and says he has experience budgeting large sums of money. 
"And actually, I have managed budgets the size of the city budget. The largest year budget I've managed was $75 million and each year it's been over $50 million," explains Campbell. 

He says officials should market the city to young professionals and encourage them to relocate. Also at the top of his list, turning Warner Robins into a city of ethics.

"Everything is done with the community involvement beforehand and not hurry votes through and then everyone have to deal with it. A city of ethics is everything in the open, you do what you say you're going to do, keep the community involved," says Campbell. 

They all want to increase public safety by creating additional incentives for police officers to encourage them to stay with the force and they all want to bring more parks to the west side of town. 


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