Four Candidates Vie For Warner Robins Post 1 Seat

3:31 PM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Four Candidates Vie for Warner Robins Post 1

  • Charlie Scott, Post 1 candidate
  • Chuck Shaheen, Post 1 candidate
  • Mike Daley, Post 1 candidate

WARNER ROBINS - Four candidates are running for the Post 1 council seat in the Nov. 5 election.

Mike Daley, currently holds the seat and is running again to maintain it. 

"I've managed small facilities, I've managed small groups of people, I've managed large groups of people, I've been on board of directors and the C.O.O of a transportation firm. " Daley says his experience in the position separates him from his challengers.

"I think I'm in a much better position to be able to assist the new mayor coming in than the ex-coach would be to support the new coach and you can sort of look at the mayor as being a coach. When the new mayor comes in I think it'll be difficult to have the ex mayor right there on council." says Daley. 

Current Mayor Chuck Shaheen says his time as mayor makes him the best candidate. He says when he took office, he didn't have anyone to show him the ropes, but he can for the incoming mayor.

"I had to do baptism by fire. The next mayor, I know they're going to make some mistakes, I'll never bring them up publicly, but I want them to know the road that I've traveled, I hope that I will make it a smoother road for them." says Shaheen. 

He says he wants to go back to work to create a retirement plan, but still wants to serve the city.

"I've balanced four budgets over the last four years in this tough economic time without laying off any employees, so I want to come and help the mayor make sure the city moves forward. You have to have resources, everybody has visions of grandeur of making things great, but my question is how do we do it without affecting the tax payer." explains Shaheen. 

Charlie Scott was part of the Warner Robins Fire Department for more than 30 years. 

"You got to listen and listen to the needs of the people in this city so they can continue having a happy place to raise their children." says Scott. 

He says the current council lacks teamwork and he would bring peace and harmony to the seat.

"Work together, come up with different solutions and nail down the end for a period of time and then you can all come together and get the job done. " says Scott.

They all want to strengthen ties with Robins Air Force Base and boost the recreation in the city.

Jeffrey Walker declined to be interviewed.

Early voting is underway now through Friday. 

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