Woman Finds Body of Headless Dog in Car

12:31 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
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YOLO COUNTY, CA (KXTV) - A headless dog was found inside of a vehicle parked in a Knights Landing home's driveway Thursday morning.

Deputies responded to the home on the 42000 block of 4th Street and found the disemboweled body of a Chihuahua without a head inside of the vehicle, Yolo County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Vicky Fletcher said.

"It was like properly placed there for it to be seen like here you go look at this," said Ashley Immel, who made the latest grisly discovery this morning.

Immel said this was the second time parts of a dog were placed on their property. Two weeks ago, the head of a terrier was placed inside of a her boat parked at the home. No one reported that incident.

Fletcher said the head and the body found at the residence were not from the same dog. The residents said neither dog belonged them.

Immel believes she may be getting targeted by local boys she got into altercations with a couple of years ago.

"No one likes to get beat up by a girl. There was a few tussles and you probably won't forget something like that along those lines of getting beat up by a girl," Immel said.

But she acknowledged it might be related to something else. Immel said she has had other issues with people in the area.

Several neighbors recalled a string of murders in the area in the late 1980's that were preceded by several animal mutilations.

Fletcher said that's another reason for concern about the case.

"That's the reason why animal control officers are also mandated child abuse reporters because generally when somebody will do this to an animal they sometimes will do it to humans as well," Fletcher said.

Investigators said while these are separate incidents, they believe the crimes are connected.

Anyone with information about these crimes is urged to call the Animal Services at 530-668-5287.


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