Teen Girl Pays $15 for Tattoo from Stranger

1:47 PM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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CLEVELAND (WKYC) -- Ronald Bucey says his 16-year-old daughter paid a man she did not know $15 to tattoo her.

"When I saw she had a tattoo, I asked 'what's this?' She apologized and started to cry and said what she did was a mistake," said Bucey.

Bucey says his daughter told him she only knew the street name of the man and that she went to his home to get her tattoo.

Now her parents are concerned about the health and safety risks. They took her to a hospital to be checked out.

"Besides getting a bad tattoo, there's diseases you can get. You don't even know if the person could jump you, take your money," said Sean Robinson.

Robinson is a professional tattoo artist at Cleveland's first licensed tattoo shop, Voodoo Monkey.

Robinson says he often hears stories of bad experiences when people get a tattoo illegally.

Under the table, unlicensed tattooing is often the cheapest, though not the safest way to get a tattoo.

In Ohio, it is a crime to tattoo a minor without parental consent.

There are plenty of people willing to make money offering these services and teens are often the ones taking the risk.

Second District Cleveland Police will try to work with Bucey's daughter to identify the man who tattooed her.

Short of proof of the offense, the most they'd be able to do is knock on the door and try to talk to the man.

Bucey says he can't believe his daughter took the risk. They live just a few streets away from Seymour Avenue.

"The first thing I'm thinking of is here's a guy that has a teenage girl in the basement, after what just happened a month ago," said Bucey.


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