Mich. Tire Shop Investigated for Paying Workers With Crack

7:14 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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DETROIT, Mich. (CNN) - A Detroit business is under federal investigation for allegedly paying workers with crack cocaine.

"I mean, that's no place I want my kid to go and ask for a job," said resident Eric Taylor.

It's called Big C's Tire Shop on Mac Avenue in Detroit, and word on the street was the "C" stood for crack cocaine. The owner was allegedly paying the employees with crack rocks instead of paychecks. According to federal documents obtained by Local4, if you cut the grass you got a rock, have to stack or haul tires, you got a rock.

Those who live close by say recruiting drug users as employees is bad for the neighborhood.

"I used to stay out until it's like 10:00 or something like that, they didn't mind as long as you stay here in the area. But now, right now, it's hard to raise a family," said Taylor.

It all started with an investigation into counterfeit post office pay checks. $140,000 in bogus postal paychecks were cashed. When the feds tracked them to Big C's Tire Shop, they found all kinds of counterfeit equipment, from laser printers to blank IDs to check stock paper. When they started questioning people they found out about the employee payment plan of crack cocaine instead of cash.

Neighbors hope the bust is the beginning of bringing back the neighborhood.


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