13 Things Your Mom Doesn't Want for Mother's Day

3:33 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
By Suzanne Lawler/13WMAZ.com
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by Jacqueline Harnevious, 13WMAZ.com


- If you'd buy it for Father's Day or it belongs on your grocery list, don't get it for your Mom.

- Don't buy something you want, like a flat-screen TV.

- Stay away from gifts that will make your Mom work more for you than she already does.

Listen up, kids: If you'd buy it for Father's Day or if it already shows up on the grocery list, it should be off your Mother's Day shopping list, ya hear?

Any gift ideas that you would use more than she would, or if it would call her confidence into question, do not wrap it up and call it a day.

Which means... 

#1. Leave the basketball hoops and flat-screen TVs at Wal-mart. Maybe you'll get one for your birthday.

Nothing practical.

#2. Vacuum cleaners do not spell admiration for moms. Unless she specifically asks for one, we don't recommend this.

#3. Same goes for power tools and appliances.

#4. And cleaning supplies. Basically, don't give her a gift that means she'll have to work.

Nothing practical, and avoid gimmicks.

#5. Pajama bottoms should not enter your cart. If she says that's what she wants, she's probably playing a trick on you.

#6. Just say no to weight loss pills. Seriously, this shouldn't need an explanation. 

#7. Ditto for parenting how-to books. On Mother's Day, she's the greatest Mom ever. Don't forget it.

No one is more perfect than your mother.

#8. Clothing that's too small! Not a mood-booster, kids.

#9. Home decorations. She rules the roost. Your mom knows how she wants the house to look. Don't intrude on her vision.

#10. No plants or pets. ...unless you're going to feed them. (Who are we kidding. You won't.)

#11. Also, let her buy the workout videos and diet books. Again, your Mom is perfect on Mother's Day... everyday really.

#12. Perfume, lotion or toiletries, unless you know what you're doing. That is, if you know her favorite brand because chances are, your Mom doesn't want that new scent by Nicki Minaj.

#13. And the worst gift ever... Nothing. Not even a card. 

Be thoughtful. Remember what your Mom has sacrificed for you and as long as she can tell you care, she'll probably love it.

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