9 Arrested in High School Food Fight in Henry County

4:47 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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LOVEJOY, Ga. (WXIA) -- At least nine students were arrested in connection with a food fight at Ola High School late last week.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office said four of the students were juveniles and released to the custody of their parents, while five others were booked and charged by authorities.

The full charges on each of the five is as follows: Courtney Striplin, 17 (charged with disruption of public school); Devin Graziani, 17 (charged with disruption of public school) Jimmy Dobson, 17 (charged with disruption of public school) Nathan Brunnert, 17 (charged with disruption of public school, failure to disperse) Whitney Camp, 18 (charged with obstruction, possession of marijuana, disruption of public school)

Investigators said the students had apparently been planning a food fight for late last week. School officials found out about the planned disturbance and asked the students not to go through with their plans. The students pushed forward with the food fight anyway.

Henry County Sheriff's officials said their investigators were going over surveillance video footage to determine if any other students involved in the disturbance could be identified.

Initially, all the students were also charged with inciting a riot -- those charges have since been dropped on all of the defendants.

11Alive obtained two photos that were taken by a student just after the food fight. The student wished to remain anonymous.

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