Petition: Let Ga. Secede, Keep 'Parts of Macon' in the Union

1:25 PM, Dec 7, 2012   |    comments
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With the release of polling data suggesting that Republicans in Georgia are split over whether to secede from the United States, the White House's petition site is back in the news.

In mid-November, people upset about the results of the latest Presidential election petitioned the White House for the right to leave the country. Eventually, there were petition for secession from every state. 

And there were counter-secession petitions too. 

This petition brings Central Georgia into the conversation.

It says, if the state of Georgia secedes from the Union, "we the people of Atlanta wish to remain in the United States. We love our country. We are dedicated to it. ...We would also like to annex Athens, Georgia, Decatur, Georgia and the parts of Macon, Georgia made famous by the Allman Brothers."

No word yet exactly which parts of Macon that would entail.

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