Little Piggies Go to Market, Raise Ruckus in Florida

10:28 AM, Sep 24, 2012   |    comments
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Rockledge, Florida (FL Today) -- Rockledge police used bread to coax two pot-bellied pigs prowling near several stores out of traffic on Monday morning.

The loose pigs were safely captured at about 7:30 a.m. and taken to the North Animal Care Center in Titusville, but not before several patrol cars blocked a portion of Barnes Boulevard near Murrell Road.

The prowling porkers were spotted a short distance from the Little Caesar's Pizza shop and Walgreen's pharmacy but did not pose any immediate danger to the public.

"I have no idea how they got there," said Mike Cadore, spokesman for Rockledge Police. "What I do know is that we got a call about two hogs at Walgreens. The hogs were on the loose."

Brevard County Animal Services Cpl. Jeffrey Piccolella said both pigs may have escaped from a nearby ranch. One pig weighed 170 pounds and the other about 200 pounds, Piccolella said.

"They appeared to be domesticated but they could definitely bite. They were also in perfect health. " he said.

Animal services officers roped the pot-bellied pigs, flipped the squealing animals on their backs and carefully lifted them into a waiting truck.

Pot-bellied pigs, known for short-stubby legs and big bellies, are popular pets but occasionally turn up abandoned because they outgrow their owners capability for care, animals officials say.

Both pigs, described as brindled, will be kept for five days as animal services officials await contact from any possible owners. After that, the pigs may be adopted, officials say.

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