Houston Students Tapped to Advise Superintendent

1:07 AM, Sep 21, 2013   |    comments
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Houston County students will have the ear of the State Superintendent.

John Barge chose 50 Georgia high schoolers to serve on his advisory council.

Four of the 50 are from Houston County; That's more than any other school district.

It's often said that learning is a life long process. That's why Perry High senior, Jacob Turner, isn't intimidated about teaching the State Superintendent a thing or two.

Turner said, "It seemed like an incredible opportunity."

He's one of 700 Georgia students who wrote an essay to Barge. Turner said, "I wrote about rewarding creative thoughts and ideas."

Each essay was an application to serve on Barge's Student Advisory Council.

Turner's made the top 50. So did Eli Guidry's. He's a Perry Panther, too.

Guidry, a junior, said, "It seemed like a big honor, you know?"

Two other Houston students joined the bunch. They are Molly Lauritsen from Veterans High and Ben Anderson from Warner Robins High.

Each student plans to give Barge the inside scoop on education from a student's perspective.

Anderson plans to push student internships. He said, "That student can see whether that career field matches their personality, matches their interests, matches their beliefs."

Lauritsen wants the state's education top dog to know teaching is no walk in the park. She said, "They put so much pressure on the teachers now a days to produce high test scores. I think there needs to be more pressure on students to produce."

Guidry's ideas for Barge follow that same line of thinking. He said, "Everything is in place for the students to succeed. It's just a matter of nudging them toward taking those steps"

Turner will suggest allowing more room for creativity, saying, "Sometimes they have to teach toward tests. I don't think that helps student's lots of times."

Their insider advice may be the best education Barge finds to help lead all Georgia schools to the head of the class.

The Student Advisory Council's first meeting with Barge is next Friday in Atlanta.

All 50 students from around the state will meet with him three times this school year.

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