Folse Fights Legal Battle While Running for Mayor

5:38 PM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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Eva Folse

Six candidates signed up for the Warner Robins mayor's race.

One of them was a surprise to the ballot, 66-year-old Eva Folse.

She explained why she's running, and why she doesn't think her legal troubles with the city will stand in the way.

Folse describes herself as an animal lover.


Evidence of that surrounds her Warner Robins home, where several cats were walking around Thursday morning.

She thinks the city's Animal Control unit needs new priorities. It's part of the reason she wants to be mayor.

Folse said, "There are some things going on that I've witnessed, experienced that are not good."

She is currently battling the city, over 31 citations issued to her in May.

Animal control officers say they found 11 cats in a vacant Lynn Avenue rental house that Folse owns.

City law prohibits owning more than three.

The officer described the conditions saying, "The odor inside the residence was very strong. There was trash and animal feces and litter covering the room."

The officer accused her of trying to interfere with their investigation, not providing food for the cats, and not showing proof of rabies shots.

Folse said, "It was just total meanness is what it was."

That's all Folse will say about the case, until her September 24th court date.

She believes animal control may be "persecuting" her. They cited her five years ago for a similar violation, costing her $1,250 in fines.

Folse said, "We have animal control Peeping Toms, that look in your windows, and say you're over the limit. This is unconstitutional."

She believes through the course of the campaign, people will see the truth.

Folse said, "People are very, they can distinguish between what's going on."

She thinks they'll appreciate her education, fiscal responsibility and maturity. 

Folse ran for the Houston County School Board in 1982 and the county commission in 1990. She's never held public office.

She has worked in the insurance business and been a substitute teacher.

Folse said she speaks fluent Polish and has spent a lot of time traveling overseas.

She says she has a bachelors degree in economics and a minor in real estate. She also went to school to take classes in public administration, she said.

During the mayoral election four years ago, Folse said she supported candidate Chuck Chalk, who is running again.


She believes now is the right time to seek the mayor's office, because there is no incumbent. 

Current mayor, Chuck Shaheen, chose not to seek a second term. Instead, he is running for the Post 1 council seat.

Mike Brashear, Daron Lee, Joe Musselwhite and Randy Toms are also running for Warner Robins mayor in the November 5th election.

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