Pamela Moss Murder Case Focuses on Insanity

7:11 AM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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ARCHIVE VIDEO: 2012 report on details of the case.

Questions for potential jurors in the Pamela Moss murder trial focused on insanity and personality disorders.

Jury selection in the case got underway Monday in Jones County Superior Court. Moss is accused in the March 2012 murder of Henry County businessman Doug Coker.

Coker's body was found under the back porch of Moss' River North home.

Prosecutors say Coker died over $85,000.

He had given Pamela Moss that money to help him start a non-profit organization. Prosecutor, Keagan Waystack, says Moss struck Coker in the head multiple times with a hammer. 

Waystack says Moss knew what she was doing the entire time because investigators found her attempts to clean up the murder.

"The paint, the bleach, the lime, the cleaning supplies, the gloves, the lights, the matches," she says. "We know she knows right from wrong."

But Moss' lawyer, Franklin Hogue, plans to argue the insanity defense because she has been diagnosed twice before with dissociative identity disorder. 

He says Moss was acting under a delusional compulsion. It could be anything from a voice to a personality.

"The delusional compulsion she had which came down to the form of an alternate personality, which a doctor will call alter ego or for short just an alter. It's actually a person with a name, an identity, some of the features you would expect one person to who inhabits one body to have," he says.

Hogue says this case isn't about who killed Coker, it's that she should be found not guilty by reason of insanity. That means Moss is not responsible for her crime because of mental health problems. 

Just before the trial started, Moss was crying when she asked the judge to waive her right to be present during the trial. 

Judge Trent Brown said, "Do the best you can to hold yourself together."

Brown said she could decide Tuesday whether to attend the second day of trial Tuesday. 

Judy Le is in the courtroom and will provide updates on Follow her on twitter: @judyhle

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