11 Men Face Charges in 'Savage' Gang Beating in Gordon

8:56 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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Gordon police have arrested seven men and are looking for four more suspects in what they call a "savage beating."

Gordon police investigator Andy Hester said all of the suspects were members of a local gang.

"You wouldn't want anybody to get beat down like that," he said. "It was just two guys getting throughly beat and kicked by 11 guys. It was a pretty savage beating."

A police report says it happened on June 30 at the Prairie Summit apartments.

Hester identified the victims as two brothers, Tyrone and William Jackson.

"The gang members thought those two guys disrespected them by getting into a fight with one of the gang members' brothers," said Hester. "They were tired of being disrespected."

The report says one of the suspects, Roderick Briscoe, allegedly hit Tyrone Jackson in the eye with brass knuckles.

Tyrone Jackson needed reconstructive eye surgery and had some teeth knocked out; his brother had neck and back injuries.

The beating happened in the breezeway in front of the Jackson brothers' mother's apartment.

Hester said they were able to identify suspects in the case thanks to phone video taken by a girl who lived in the apartment complex.

He said the 11 suspects are members of a gang called GD -- Group Development.

Hester said they are looking for four suspects: Tonikeron Williams, Jontavious Renfroe, Travis Veal and Malcolm Daniels. They are all charged with aggravated battery and gang activities.

These seven people were already arrested and charged: Darius Fisher, Rufus Solomon, Dequan Shinholser, Gregory T. Smith, Quteavias Simmons and Timothy Bell, also charged with aggravated battery and gang activies; and Roderick Briscoe, charged with aggravated assault and gang activities.

Hester said the city of around 2,100 hasn't had gang problems in the past, "But just in the last few months we've been seeing some gang activity."

He hopes that the recent arrests will help stop that.

But Hester's report says one of the suspects, Gregory Smith, told him, "he did not mind going to jail. It would only make his status in the gang go up."

Anyone with information on the case can call Gordon Police at (478) 628-2323.

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