FVSU Shares Aquaculture Program

6:38 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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The U.S Department of Agriculture reports that in the last two decades, the value of aquaculture production has risen to nearly a $1 billion industry. Patricia Duncan, Fort Valley State University's Director of Aquaculture, says it's an industry that's on the rise.

"Aquaculture is really any time that you are raising aquatic animals or plants in a system where you have control over it," said Patricia L. Duncan, Director of Aquaculture of Fort Valley State University.

She said that it doesn't take a lot of equipment to "grow" your own tilapia and catfish.

"You need to provide tanks and the filtration equipment to clean the water and aeration, basically, and set those components up. You can either build it or buy a complete system," said Duncan.

Duncan said the cost of equipment could run you a couple of hundred bucks or more than $1,000, but there is a chance for a high-profit margin.

"Whole Foods sells tilapia for $9 a pound coming out of Chile, so that gives you an idea of the potential worth," said Duncan.

Duncan says they have workshops every few months discussing topics on aquaculture, including how to market your fish to stores and restaurants.

She says they have had 10,000 people come through their aquafarm since 2003.

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