Warner Robins Families Want Safer Storm Drains

6:26 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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Learning to ride a bike without training wheels comes with its fair share of scraped knees and elbows.

One thing kids and their parents shouldn't have to worry about: storm drains.

Citizens in a Warner Robins neighborhood think the city could do more to keep their children's streets safer.

Residents on Sandringham Court were concerned about children falling in the ten-inch tall openings. The city placed bars on two drains in the neighborhood, but the homeowners association says that isn't good enough.

"The city should address this as a positive thing for the entire neighborhood," said resident and homeowners association member John Day. "Not just select one or two holes and say, 'There, we did our job,' because they haven't done their job. So we need to get them all done."

The City of Warner Robins could not be reached for comment on the issue of additional storm drain improvements.


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