Kids Get Interactive with History

10:54 AM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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In the summertime, the last thing most kids want to do is hang out at school and learn about history. That wasn't the case at Middle Georgia State College Wednesday for the school of education's annual Summer Learning Festival.

Jerron Moore cuddled up to the fire to learn about the war between the North and South. "It began at Fort Sumter and ended at the surrender of General Robert E. Lee," said Moore.

Kids get to play a role in whatever they're learning about, from the Civil War to Georgia history and space.

"It makes it more fun that we get to do stuff and walk around instead of sitting at our desk," said Moore.

This summer festival  also helps teachers sharpen their classroom skills. 

"You kind of learn what works for certain students and what doesn't, based on their age group and different personalities that you have in your classroom," said Kayla Beitler.

Moore got to be a news anchor for the day, telling his audience about the civil war.

"I'm actually being a teacher and I'm teaching them about what happened," he said.

Brynnan Wellman, 6, decorated a cookie in the shape of Georgia and learned about native americans. She had fun making a totem pole.

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