Opening of CB Watson School Creates Change for Students

6:07 PM, Jul 17, 2013   |    comments
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Mark another construction project off the list for Houston County Schools.

They just finished renovations at McConnell-Talbert Stadium.

Now, across the street, the new CB Watson Primary will open when school starts August 1st.

It replaced Crossroads Academy, the alternative school that sat on the property.

CB Watson has 41 classrooms and can house up to 650 students.

Facilities director for Houston County Jason Daniel said it's one of the districts most energy efficient schools.

Daniel said, "It has occupancy controlled lights, which cut off in areas not being used, automatically. There are LED lights, which use less electricity than flourescent lighting. We have a water source heat pump for heating and air, which is a little more effiecient than what weve been using for older buildings."

The opening of CB Watson starts a chain of changes for students in that area of Warner Robins.

This year, children in grades K through five that used to attend Linwood Elementary, will go to school at CB Watson.

Linwood is closed this year for nearly $9 million in renovations.

Then next year, the school system will combine the Pearl Stephens Elementary and Linwood Elementary districts.

Those children in kindergarten through 2nd grade will go to CB Watson. Third, fourth and fifth graders will go to Linwood, which will be renamed Pearl Stephens Elementary.

The old Pearl Stephens building will become the county's alternative school, Crossroads Academy. When construction began on the new CB Watson school, Crossroads students were moved to the Rumble Academy building next to Warner Robins High School.

Daniel said CB Watson School cost about $12 million to build.

It was paid for the 2012 Education SPLOST.

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