Rain, Dirt Road Cause Problems for Baldwin Co. Residents

6:15 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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People in a Milledgeville neighborhood say their road is washing away, and because of a lack of money, mixed with the potential for more rain, there may not be a quick solution.

Fishing Creek Church Road in Milledgeville has had soggy areas for years, causing travelers to get stuck in their vehicles.

"The mailman came down and got stuck. The trash man won't even come down the road when it rains," said Robert Williams.

"It's just really, really been bad," added Annette Davis.

The road leads to more than their homes. A Primitive Baptist Church sits at the end of the road.

"People can't even go to church when they want to go because of the condition of the road," said Williams.

Williams and Davis have been talking with the county commissioner's office to find a solution.

"They say they'll get out here when they have the first couple of dry days to put some gravel on the road to try to reshape it, but since it's been raining, it wouldn't do any good. Just makes it worse," said Davis.

County public works director, Brian Wood, says he's got more than 100 work orders already in rotation.  That means there's a backlog for road repairs, and even longer for dirt and gravel roads.

"It's a two- to three-week time frame. Because of the lack of revenue to the county, we've not be able to maintain our dirt roads," said Wood.

Wood says they also have to wait up to 24 hours to work on gravel roads after heavy rainfall. 

"You can scrape them in the rain, but what you scrape off the road becomes unusable soil. You can't put it back on the roads," Wood explained.

Now, he and people on Fishing Creek Church Road are all hoping for clear skies.

"I just want us to have a nice good road, just do something about this mud so that we can get out," said Davis.

"I know people are frustrated, but we're trying our best to turn things around," said Wood.

Wood says Baldwin County expects to start taking in SPLOST money that will help them pick up the pace of repairs.









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