Future of Macon-Bibb Elections Still Unclear

7:20 AM, Jun 18, 2013   |    comments
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As of Monday afternoon, there were no answers from the Department of Justice about when, or how, the Macon-Bibb consolidated elections might happen.

Those elections were scheduled for July, but they have been delayed.

Last Monday, Bibb County attorney Virgil Adams filed a letter to the Department of Justice giving them one week to make a decision on whether the election ballots will include party identification.

Adams' letter said the county might then ask a federal judge to step in and allow Macon-Bibb to go ahead with elections this year.

During the General Assembly, state legislators voted to take party labels off the ballots and moved elections to July.

Last month, the Department of Justice put the elections on hold until legislators answered how they made that decision.

Adams did not say if or when the county might file a federal lawsuit.

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