Connect2Compete Provides Low-Cost Internet to Central Georgians

6:16 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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Connect2Compete, a program that wants to make the Internet more accessible to lower-income families, is coming back to Macon.

They launched a pilot program last fall to offer reduced-cost internet service to Bibb County families. But they have expanded the program to include those who are in the Cox coverage areas of Houston, Monroe and Jones County.

For those interested in Bibb, Houston, Monroe and Jones County, you have to have at least one student in Free Lunch program. You also cannot have Internet in your home right now. The last requirement you cannot have any outstanding debt to Cox.

Those families would get Cox High-Speed Internet for $9.95 a month and that rate is guaranteed for at least two years.

You can apply either by phone or web. The phone number to start the application process is 1-855-222-3252. Or you can complete the application online at

Bibb County families can apply between April 23rd and December 31, 2013.

And for Southwest High School Student, Darriale Bradley, Connect2Compete increased her online presence and changed her future. She was able to apply to more scholarships online.

"I've already gotten an award, it's a $1,000 college scholarship and I am just a junior I am not even a senior yet and I wouldn't have even got that if it weren't for Connect2Compete," said Bradley.

Bradley said she is spreading the word to her friends and going to churches.

"It's an opportunity right there in front of you and all you got to do is reach out and grab it that's what I say because it is at a low price and all you really have to do is sign up for it," said Bradley.

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