School Board Approves Jobs Cuts, Sticks With Graduation Policy

10:11 AM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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The school board voted 6 to 1 to approve the reduction in force and contract renewal agenda item.

They decided to reduce eight jobs for displaced personnel. Wanda West, the board chair, describes them as good employees that they just don't have a place for in the district.

 But Wanda West the board chair said she doesn't have a number yet of jobs reduced by performance-based evaluation. This decision to approve the agenda item came after around two hours in executive session.

"It breaks our heart too to have to reduce staff we feel like this staff has done an excellent job in providing recommendations of a process for RIF-ing and also executing that process to put a focus on the children," said Wanda West.

They also voted unanimously to uphold their policy that prohibits students who did not pass all portions of the Georgia Graduation Test to participate in the ceremony.

Administrators presented the different ways in which high schools communicated the requirement.

They said all high schools distributed the information to students and parent with Operation Graduation Manual, Increased Learning Time, Student Conferences and Senior Meetings with students. But they differed in how they reached out to parents in other methods from direct mail to email to phone calls.

"Since 2009, every year this had been addressed by all of the schools at the beginning of the year we felt comfortable that it was time for us to establish order for Bibb County relevant to academic excellence," said Wanda West.

But some parents said they were never notified of the changes during the public comment. 

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