My Teacher is Tops: Wilcox County Elementary

6:22 PM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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There was stunned silence, applause, and then a few tears.

Ms. Tanya Copeland didn't even see it coming.

"My teacher is tops because she chooses helpers every Tuesday," says student Destiny Tisdol.

Ms. Copeland teaches third grade at Wilcox County Elementary. She's an expert at turning students into science lovers.

"I know a lot more. I like to learn. And when I learn more, I'm just really happy. I like to learn," says student Jackson Chastain.

"We made a sedimentary rock and we made a habitat with food," says another student Blakelyn Bloodworth.

Ms. Copeland has been teaching third grade for 20 years at Wilcox. And she still manages to make it fun and interesting.

"I thought it was going to be boring, but I found out it was awesome," says Tisdol.

Chastain adds, "I actually didn't know a lot of science. Until I came here, I learned a lot and it's really improved my life."

"I want to see the light in their faces light up when i'm teaching science and let them enjoy learning," Copeland says.

From learning about rocks to exploring volcanoes, this classroom is a hands-on experience.

"She lets us do experiments sometimes. She just tries her best to make out class so fun and exciting even when most students would not think it's fun," says Chastain.

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