Jones Co. Coroner Resumes Body Removal, Doubles Fee

7:53 AM, Apr 30, 2013   |    comments
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by Judy Le,


- Jones County officials voted to stop providing health insurance to its three deputy coroners.

- Bridges originally responded by saying he'd stop picking up bodies for the county.

- He's since had a change of heart, deciding instead to double his body removal fee.

Jones County Coroner, Jeremy Bridges, Sr., has decided to pick up bodies again but it will come with a cost.

Two weeks ago, Bridges stopped the service because the county refused to provide benefits for three deputy coroners.

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When the Jones County Commissioners decided to end health insurance on May 1 for three deputy coroners, Coroner Jerry Bridges responded.

He stopped body removal services but is now doing it for double the price. 

He told 13WMAZ's Judy Le that he "couldn't leave anyone lying on the side of the road." 

It will now cost the county $800 for body removal, storage is $200.

The cost will cover the money deputy coroners lose when they are called to a scene.

Right now, if more than one responds to a call only one gets paid. 

The increased fee will also cover lost health benefits for deputy coroners.

Bridges says his job is to determine the cause and manner of death, not necessarily remove the body.

Commissioner Tommy Robinson has not returned our calls regarding the new fees.

Bridges says he has not notified the county about his increased fee.

He says he does not have a contract with the county.

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