Mosquito Population Increases Because of Rain

3:28 PM, Apr 20, 2013   |    comments
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You might have noticed more pesky biters in the air recently. That's because the mosquito population is on the rise.

"Based on the amount of rainfall, I think we have a seven inch surplus so far this year whereas last year this time we probably had a 12 inch deficit, we're expecting the problem to be quite a bit larger than last year," says Joe Bridges, the Bibb Co. mosquito spraying coordinator.

Spraying for mosquitoes was scheduled for April 1st, but Bridges says he's seen an increase in calls as early has March.

"It varies from day to day but generally we get five to 10 calls a day," he explains. It's a lot for this time of year.

The county is divided into 30 sections. 

"Each night, Monday through Friday, we spray two of those areas," Bridges says.

That means the program sprays 10 areas a week. It takes three weeks to complete the entire county and then starts over again.

"During an average season we will spray an average of between nine and 10 complete cycles," says Bridges.

If the problem worsens, he says the spraying will increase to three 15 areas a week. Mosquitoes breed in places with standing water.

"That can mean old tires, bird baths, rain gutters on your house, kiddie pools. Keep them washed out and clean," he says.

For places you can't drain, the health department will provide free briquettes.

The Health department off Emory Highway will give away free large sized briquettes.

Briquettes are pellets that will dissolve in mosquito breeding habitats. 

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