Sen. Isakson To Dine With President Obama

9:53 AM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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Johnny Isakson


  • The Georgia senator is one of 12 Republicans joining President Obama for dinner at the White House.
  • Isakson wants to hear plans centered around background checks and instant background checks.
  • A spokesperson said President Obama asked Isakson personally three weeks ago to make a list of his colleagues.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson will be one of 12 Republican senators that will be part of a White House dinner.

This is the second dinner date that President Obama has offered to the GOP since being re-elected last November and comes on the same day his budget proposal is scheduled for release. 

On CBS This Morning, Isakson said he hopes the conversation will include discussion about gun violence and reforms that are being proposed.

"Both sides need to offer suggestions," Isakson told morning host Charlie Rose.

The senator said he is interested in hearing plans that center around background checks and instant background checks, and he said it depends on the language of the bill as to whether he can support it or not.  

Isakson said, "He (Obama) is reaching out more than in the past, there's no question about that. The proof will be in the pudding later on. I certainly hope we find common ground."

A spokesperson for Senator Isakson told 13WMAZ that President Obama phoned him three weeks ago and asked him personally to put together a list of his colleagues to join him for dinner.

Isakson's Atlanta office confirmed that the list of senators is being kept confidential until after the event.

The dinner is scheduled for Wednesday night at 6:30.        


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