Payne City Residents Happy To Remain Independent

6:43 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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 Payne City will continue to live on. State legislators spent this year's session hammering out the details of Macon-Bibb consolidation and decided to leave Payne City out of it. 

Residents that we talked to say they're glad that Payne City will retain independence as the city and county come together. 

Some were worried that if Payne City were to be consolidated, that it would lose what makes it special. 

"Just losing its name, losing the fact we're Payne City, I think that it would take a lot of history away," Adriana Horton said. "Our house alone, it was built to house the people that worked at the mill, and now it's our home, and that's part of its history, and it would lose that."

Others are glad that Payne City will remain the same for future generations. 

"Everybody gets to know everybody after a while, and they get to know their own little stories of Payne City growing up and living here," said Brandie Chick. "It's like if you change Payne City, the stories of childhood development wouldn't exist anymore."

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