Perry's Memorial Benches Fund Media Grant

7:11 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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The city of Perry is offering a new grant to help fund advertising for local businesses.

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet shows us how the city's Downtown Development Authority revitalized it's Memorial Bench program to fund it.

David Grossnickel describes his father, Kenneth Grossnickel, while sitting on a bench in his honor, "Loving son, husband, great father."

"My dad was the person that was my role model as far as an entrepreneur. We used to do flea markets and we sold knives and had a knife shop in downtown Jonesboro, and he passed away in a car accident in 1996," says Grossnickel. 

But a bench in his father's name sits in front of a building he owns on Carol Street.

"Probably one of the most special gifts that I was given was a great father, so it was a good way of showing respect where some people wouldn't have known because they've never met my dad who he was or what he was about," says Grossnickel.

The benches are $500 each, and that five hundred dollars  money goes to fund a new program in the city called a Media Grant, something Trish Cossart is taking advantage of.

Cossart owns Cossart Design on Carol Street in downtown Perry and sells window treatments, jewelry, candles and dinnerware.

The Memorial Bench Program and the Media Grant are two separate programs, but one funds the other, in an effort to help downtown businesses boost their advertising.

"I'm relatively new on the block, and I wanted to get some exposure in the community to promote the products that I'm selling," explains Cossart.

Through the grant, Perry's Downtown Development Authority will match what each business puts in to enhance their advertising campaign.

On top of that, several local media partners have offered to match what the city puts in.

So one business receiving the Media Grant could potentially get $750 in advertising but only pay a third of that.

"It's amazing the amount of money I'm getting for the amount of money I'm investing." says Cossart.

It's a spot for remembrance and an economic boost for the community.

Anyone can purchase a memorial bench, and the city offers two Media Grants each quarter.

For more information on either program please contact the Perry Downtown Development Authority at (478) 988-2757. 

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