Macon Shoppers Hit Stores on Christmas Eve

7:39 PM, Dec 24, 2012   |    comments
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With Christmas a day away, many shoppers in Macon took to the stores to purchase some last items on their lists.

"I'm not a last minute person," says Richard Walker of Macon, "but I have to come out today to try to find my baby something and just make the best of it."

And Walker is not alone. Many customers 13WMAZ spoke with say although they had already done the majority of their holiday in the weeks prior to Christmas, they still had more purchases to make on Christmas Eve.

National reports seems to agree with the trend.  One report says that Americans are on target to get slghtly more sales than last year, in part to a late surge in customers buying a large volume of products in the last weeks in December before the holiday.

Marguerita Smith of JC Penney's at the Macon Mall says she is pleased with the turnout. "Some people are still shopping. Some people waited until the last minute, and they're coming in and they're buying the rest of their Christmas gifts, so it's been pretty good today."

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