Warner Robins to Crack Down on Gaming

7:33 AM, Oct 2, 2012   |    comments
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The City of Warner Robins is cracking down on stores that offer gaming, or coin-operated amusement machines.

Monday night, they read an ordinance that will require those types of stores to install security cameras and comply with several other rules.

City councilman Mike Daley says they have seen a growing number of the businesses moving into the city.

Police say they appear to be targets for robberies, with one at 1500 Watson Boulevard being robbed last week.

Police Chief Brett Evans says stores that offer the games are typically marked with 7-7-7.

If the measure passes at the October 15th council meeting, the gaming stores would be required to report earnings to the city monthly, post signs that prohibit prizes valued at more than $5 and install security cameras.

Daley said, "To be able to have those surveillance cameras, they are very, very important. They can be on the machines, they can be keeping track if somebody were to come in to rob the place or whatever, you would have those cameras there."

The ordinance also sets restrictions on how close the gaming stores can be to schools, churches and housing authority complexes.

Daley said if the measure passes, Warner Robins' gaming ordinance would be among the most stringent in the state.

If the stores violate any of the state laws or city ordinances, the store could lose its license, Daley said.

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