Witness Says Macon PD Cruiser Struck Woman

12:17 PM, Sep 30, 2012   |    comments
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Macon police are looking into an allegation that a patrol car struck a woman Saturday night while officers were chasing two juveniles suspected of drug possession. 

A police spokeswoman says someone reported at the scene on Churchill Street that a police car hit a woman and the bicycle belonging to one of the suspects.

The woman refused to be treated by paramedics, and the bicycle's owner told an investigator that the officer didn't hit his bike.

According to spokeswoman Jami Gaudet, the investigator didn't find any damage to the car or any sign that it had hit anyone.

Gaudet says Internal Affairs also came to the scene to investigate.

She says that's standard procedure.

Gaudet says police arrested the two juveniles on marijuana possession charges. 

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