Lee Says Pedestrian Safety a Problem on North Davis Drive

7:41 AM, Sep 26, 2012   |    comments
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One Warner Robins council member says he's concerned about people getting hit by cars at one busy intersection.

Daron Lee wants the city to put a traffic light and crosswalk at North Davis and Tabor Drive.

That's on the northside of town, near Highway 247.

The flow of pedestrian traffic along North Davis Drive almost keeps up with that of the car traffic.

A homeowner in the area, McLendon Blue, watches it all from his mailbox.

He said, "All them people shop right up there at the center there and everything."

Blue says people walk from nearby apartment complexes to convenience stores. Sometimes it's the walkers and bikers not paying attention. Other times, he says it's the drivers.

Blue said, "You always find some idiots that like to come down through here wide open. That's the only problem."

According to police, in the past year, cars hit four pedestrians. All were seriously injured, including a child struck in July who is still in the hospital.

Blue says a crosswalk with flashing lights and a traffic signal might help. Then again, it may not.

Warner Robins police say crosswalks are great in theory, if people use them. But that's just the problem. They often don't.

Take Mario Jackson for example. He walks the area daily.

We asked, "Do you use a crosswalk?" Jackson said, "No. I don't see a reason to. I'm a grown man."

He said he has also seen people get hit.

We asked, "What about the cars? What if they are not paying attention?"

Jackson answered, "They know how to stop."

He's not alone in that thinking. We watched several people cross wherever, apparently in no hurry to reach the other side of the road.

Blue says it's a daily occurrance. He said, "I don't have small kids, so I don't worry about it."

As for adults, he is not sure lights and crosswalks will change their habits.

City engineers gave council an initial estimate for the crosswalk and traffic light installation at $75,000. They're working to lower the cost, and plan to bring that back to council.

Daron Lee is hosting a community meeting for his district Tuesday night at Sewell Circle Park. It starts at 6:30 p.m.

He says they plan to talk about this issue, crime, literacy and voter registration.

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