Consolidation: 3 Areas of Macon and Bibb Affected Differently

6:58 PM, Jul 13, 2012   |    comments
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Each week until the July 31st referendum,we are taking a closer look at the legislation that would consolidate Macon, Payne city and Bibb county.

This week we look at three areas in Macon and Bibb county - each would have a different fate under the consolidation law.  They are Payne city, Lizella and a small section of the city of Macon that lies in Jones county.

About 200 people live in Payne City. It's a square located between Vineville, Roff and Brookdale Avenues, and is surrounded by the city of Macon. It was founded as a mill town in 1899.

Section 1 of the consolidation plan would establish a single county-wide government for all of Bibb county:

"... Which single government shall supersede and replace the governments of the city of Macon, the city of Payne city, and the county of Bibb."
That means Payne city would be no more.  Services currently provided by Macon would continue but come from the new consolidated government.

Next is Lizella.  It's unincorporated, but it's a community of its own in west Bibb county. 

According to the book "Remembering Lizella" it was established in the late 1800s when railroad tracks came through a collection of farms west of Macon. The community was named by postmaster James Eubanks for his two daughters Lizzie and Ella. 

Lizella is not mentioned anywhere in the consolidation plan
 and it would remain an unincorporated area of Bibb county.

Last is a small section of Macon is over the jones county line.  It's Kingsview Village -  that's off Joycliff Road.  It includes several residential streets and a cemetery.

   Section 38 of the legislation states:

       "....on and after January 1, 2014, that portion of the city of Macon that is located in Jones county shall be treated as having been deannexed from the city of Macon and shall be an  unincorporated area of Jones county."

Kingsview Village would be an unincorporated portion of Jones County.

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