Stylist Raises Funds for Milledgeville Cancer Charity

8:25 AM, Nov 15, 2011   |    comments
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"I just decided to do it locally so that I could help people that I know and people from my hometown."

Brianna Callaway has her hands full with clients at the Milledgeville hair salon where she works, but that doesn't keep her from reaching out to others and lending support when she can. She says the urge to do more overcame her after her mother had a double breast mastectomy.

"Ever since then, I've been very close with the cancer stuff. Because before then, you know, you necver think about it. because things like that don't happen to your mom. They happen to other people, not to your mom. Then it hit me that it can happen to anybody," said Callaway.

Callaway then used her talent as a stylist and set out to help those like her mother.

"I colored pink extensions to put in people's hair for eight dollars."

"They loved it. They were all for it because it wasn't anything permanent."

She raised a little more than two hundred dollars for a non-profit organization called Georgia Cancer Support started by Robbie White.

"I was very touched, humbled and surprised, humbled and surprised that she would do that all by herself," said White.

White survived colon cancer but now she's fighting lung cancer.

"When you hear the words, you hve cancer, your life completely changes," said White.

She says more financial and emotional support groups are needed in the area. That is why she says she decided to start one of her own.

"If you have a cancer family that needs help here in Milledgeville, sometimes the resources are not here."

We feel like God will bless our organization and we'll be able to help cancer patients of families who are truly in need," White told Eyewitness News.

White, founder of the Georgia Cancer Support group says they're already working with other cancer groups in the area.

She says they hope to receive a five thousand dollar grant soon to help cancer patients who are struggling to pay for much needed treatment and prescriptions.

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