Obama's Ex-Pastor Coming to Macon

12:30 PM, Mar 25, 2008   |    comments
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Senator Barack Obama's longtime pastor Dr. Jeremiah Wright will speak in Macon later this year. Lately, there has been lots of attention surrounding what some say are inflammatory and racially insensitive remarks by the reverend. "If Dr. Wright wasn't Barack's pastor, we wouldn't even be having this debate," said St. Paul A.M.E. Church Pastor Ronald Slaughter. "Matter of fact, those CDs and DVDs of worship wouldn't even be out as they are now." Slaughter says the images of Dr. Jeremiah Wright now circulating the news and on the internet are not a fair reflection of the man he calls a mentor. In fact, he asked Wright to come back to his church to speak in October. "I'm sort of echoing what Barack Obama said, I'm not going to disown him, no more than I would disown America," Slaughter said. During Macon Mayor Robert Reichert's inauguration, he credited Wright for giving him vision for moving the city forward during an earlier visit to Macon. "He may say some provocative and insensitive things," Reichert said Thursday. "But overall his message is wonderful!" Some accuse Wright of making racially inflammatory and unpatriotic remarks, but both these men will tell you people are missing the bigger message. "I think we need to focus on the body of work that this man has accomplished, not on 30 second sound bites," said Slaughter. "It's bad enough to take 30 seconds out of 1 sermon and concentrate on it," Reichert said. "What do you mean? What did you say before that? What did you say after that? How does it all fit in? It's even worse when you select this out of 20 years worth of sermons." "Many people think that he was in a sense 'damning America,'" Slaughter said. "But no. He was saying the things that were transpiring in America were damnable." Reichert says he feels the focus on the pastor's remarks is, to some degree, politically driven and will not change his opinion. "I'm a Barack Obama supporter and I think this controversy has very little to do with Barack Obama the person," Reichert said. The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright is accused of saying Hillary Clinton has an advantage over Barack Obama because she is white. He's also accused of saying America brought the September 11th attacks on itself. Wright will speak at Saint Paul A.M.E. Church October 27th through the 29th for a three day revival. Mayor Reichert says he plans to attend.

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