Eyewitness News at Six July 6, 2013

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Officials with the Federal Aviation Administration have confirmed a plane belonging to Asiana Airlines has crashed at San Francisco airport today. USA Today is reporting 2 people have died and 61 injured in that crash. A spokesman with the FAA says the Boeing 777 crashed while landing. Television crews captured footage that shows the damage... Including debris strewn about the tarmac and the runway. Passengers could be seen jumping down the inflatable emergency slides. The airline is based in Seoul, South Korea. 

The Jones County Sheriff's Department is looking into a fatality from a single car accident. Jones County Coroner Jerry Bridges, Senior said 39-year-old Robert Barlow died at the scene and was traveling alone when his car left the road. The accident happened this morning... Just after midnight... at the intersection of Highway 49 and North Garrison Road. Bridges said authorities do not suspect that drugs or alcohol played a part in the wreck.

New information this evening involving the discovery of a woman's body in the Ocmulgee River. The Telfair County Sheriff's Office has identified her as 64-year-old Judy Larue Murrow... From Tampa. According to Sheriff Chris Steverson... Murrow was shot in the head...And this afternoon a 25-year old Florida man has been arrested for her murder. Joshua Lamar Helton... Of Plant City, Florida... Is being held in a jail in Tampa. Helton is a former neighbor of the victim... And knew her and her family quote "for some time." According to Steverson... Murrow has no apparent ties to Telfair County.

Members of an automotive club are making an effort to help stray animals find homes. The central Georgia chapter of the "Freaks of Nature" car club is hosting a summer showdown this weekend. The club will donate money and supplies to the Houston County Humane Society... and Peach County Animal Rescue. Organizers say they expect around 300 custom built cars... trucks... and motorcycles. They say the annual event can raise up to 2 thousand dollars for each charity. Michelle Klingaman, Houston County Humane Society: The supplies that they collect for us, the financial donations...it really helps further our cause of helping the community get those animals off the streets. Jason Barnes, Freaks of Nature Car Club: It's for the animals for us. We raise pit bulls and several of us have lots of dogs so it's all for the animals. The summer showdown car show will continue Sunday at North Peach Park in Byron. Admission is 10 dollars.

According to the American Red Cross....every two seconds in the United States... somebody needs blood.... Today at the Galleria Mall in Centerville.....people donated blood. Organizers say their goal is to collect 32 pints. Since 2006 Carol Bren has donated blood on a regular basis ... she says it's a way of giving back. my daughter was 12...she had her first cycle and she lost a lot of blood so she had to be in the icu and had a blood transfusion and platelets. Every since then I've been donating blood for her. There are a lot of sick people out there, especially cancer patients. They just have so many people in there, people with major injuries, that need a lot of blood everyday so that's why the need is constant. Bren encourages people to donate blood. She says not to be afraid....that it's just like getting a shot. You can visit www.redcrossblood.org to find a location.

Park rangers at the Ocmulgee National Monument are keeping kids sharp during the summer... by teaching them a little piece of history. More than 30 children learned about Native American culture in an arts and crafts class. The kids used clay to make coil pottery... similar to what the natives used to store food and water. Some students made gorgets... or clay necklaces. Park Ranger... Angela Bates... says this type of necklace was worn by elite tribe members. Bates says the use of clay in native american culture dates back to 300 b.c. Emory Cook, Warner Robins: They didn't have a factory that they could go and get pottery from or dishes from, so they had to make it by themselves with clay and dirt and stuff. Dominic Dillard, Warner Robins: It's actually pretty good being out here. It's like trails. You get to go into where they used to live. The arts and crafts class will continue every Saturday and Sunday... this month. The class starts at 3 p.m.

The per capita income growth in the state of Georgia... is slower than the national average. Now... The state ranks 40th according to federal data. Georgia ranked 25th in the nation in 2001... But has been declining since. The average income in the state of Georgia grew to almost 37 thousand dollars last year... But the national average is 42 thousand 7 hundred dollars. An Economist at Colorado State University says even though Georgia has been adding jobs... They have been low paying positions.

Delta Air Lines plans to hire 2 hundred and 25 flight attendants this fall... But the company is not taking any new applications. Delta attracted 44 thousand applicants late last year... When they announced the plan to hire 4 hundred flight attendants. They will select new employees from this same pool of applicants. According to a spokeswoman for Delta... The new workers will be trained this fall and start work by the end of the year. The hiring comes just as Delta prepares to gradually add 88 Boeing planes from the Air Tran fleet.

Crews in Atlanta are working around the clock in downtown Atlanta this weekend... Along Centennial Olympic Park Drive. They are preparing to open the new Ferris Wheel that will highlight the Atlanta Skyline. It is one of many changes set to come to Atlanta... Such as the new College Football Hall of Fame... And the new Atlanta Falcon's Stadium. Workers are using a 90 ton crane to construct "skyview"... And if the weather permits... It will open next Friday, July 12th.

One lady in Tampa has been volunteering for 18 years... And loving every minute of it. Our sister station in Tampa... Brings you the story of an ageless volunteer. Florence katz is the 20-13 Florida Outstanding Senior.

A train derailed this morning in Quebec... And sparked a massive fire that led to the evacuation of 1 thousand people from their homes. Firefighters were called to the accident scene that is about one hundred and 50 miles from Montreal. A spokesman from Ontario's Environmental Ministry says 73 cars filled with crude oil were involved in the wreck. And some of the oil has spilled into a nearby river.

Edward Snowden seeks asylum from 20 foreign countries... As he tries to evade U-S authorities for his role in the NSA surveillance leak. But now... His path into the national security position... Raises concerns about a system.. That outsources its sensitive information to private investigators... And pays millions of dollars for the service. Congress wants answers about Snowden's screenings... Which include clearing the federal government background checks for the CIA and as a systems analyst at the National Security Agency. Officials from the company with the biggest share of contracts... Say the company is under federal investigation because of possible criminal violations in how it oversees background checks. The officials wished to remain anonymous.

President Obama's health care law was back in the headlines this past week when the White House announced it's delaying a requirement for many employers to offer insurance. With just about 90 days before uninsured people can start shopping for coverage, three big unknowns loom over the plan: Premiums, choice, and the overall consumer experience. Some analysts say while premiums may be higher than what many people now pay for individual policies, coverage could be better, and tax credits will help offset costs. There is no word on when the federal government may lift the delay.

Two years ago... Georgia and Alabama passed laws to discourage people from living illegally in rural areas. But both states are still heavily populated with foreign workers... Many of whom do not have legal authorization to be here. Some farmers say the migrant workers have returned because the laws are not heavily enforced... But community activists say others have gone underground... Or decided to stay away. Right now in the U.S. House of Representatives lawmakers are dealing with proposals that would offer a chance for millions of illegal immigrants here in the U-S to become citizens.. Congress could vote in the coming days on the proposal.

Former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez sits in a Massachusetts jail for the murder of semi-pro player Odin Loyd. This weekend... His former team is giving fans an opportunity to trade his jersey... For a different one. Hundreds of fans lined-up with number 81 jerseys. They can return the merchandise as long as it was purchased from Gillette Stadium... Or the team's online store. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was released by the Patriots shortly after his arrest two weeks ago.




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