Eyewitness News at 6: June 29, 2013

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 Independence Day is around the corner...but a non-profit organization is celebrating a little early with those in need.

Angels Hosting Angels provided clean clothes, toys, and  food for the homeless. 
     Mary Diaz... known as Mama Diaz to the homeless population... has operated in Central Georgia for 4 years.
     She says the organization does not accept monetary donations...but volunteers help out. 
     The non-profit is all about getting through hard times together.

< Courtney Anderson, Macon:  A person can lose their job and can end up on the streets.  A person can get sick and lose everything so you never know the situation that may happen.
Mary Diaz, Angels Helping Angels:  I found out that 4 of my babies have full time jobs.  So, it's working.  It's working.>


  Angels Hosting Angels has another location in Warner Robins... and international connections in Australia and Nigeria.


 Busy living could sometimes cause people to lose track of their health.
     The Medical Center of Central Georgia provided a way for hundreds of people to catch up on screenings.

 The Code Med health fair took place at the Anderson Conference Center in Macon.


     50 community and health organizations provided screenings to the public.
     Those screenings included blood pressure... cholesterol... and blood sugar checks.
     Health professionals also provided information on topics like heart disease... mental health and cancer. 

< Colt Dunteman, Medical Center of Central GA:  It draws a lot of people in that maybe wouldn't normally just go see a doctor on their own, plus they can get a lot of different things checked at one time.
Bobby Temple, Macon: I think it's so important that they have this for the community.  So, I appreciate all of the vendors that come out and do this each year. >

 All of the screenings were free... except for the cardiovascular AngioScreen.


     The AngioScreen cost 50 dollars... and required an appointment.


Young men from across Central Georgia participated in a unity retreat today.
It was hosted by the vicki foundation....that stands for violence isn't cool...knowledge is.

It's mission is to help kids who are already on the right path..to stay on it. 
And to help them build relationships with people from other communities.
The young men participated in team building activities at Camp John Hope......that teaches communication and leadership skills.
They also heard from Corporal James Spivey (SPY-VEE) with the Houston County Sheriffs office.
Spivey shared his story of triumph with the young men.
16-year-old Donnell Phelps says it was motivating.


<I don't want to end up in that situation that I'm in life and death crisis, and I'm trying to watch my back. The police come get me. If I don't be on the streets all the time, I don't sell drugs or nothing, I won't have to worry about all of that. >

Phelps says after high school....he wants to go to college and go into wildlife management or be a game designer.
The retreat wraps up tonight with a banquet...the keynote speaker is a mother whose son killed someone.

The big question for this year's Peach Tree road race is... Which of these five shirts will the runners get on race day?
     Our sister station WXIA got a sneak peak at the gift bags...   And what goes into guarding the secret of Atlanta's Independence Day tradition. 

If you want to register for the road race...there is still time. 
     It starts in Buckhead near Lenox Square Mall... And will end at Piedmont Park.
The wheelchair race begins at 6:45 a.m.
 The women's professional division begins at 7:17 a.m.
 The men's professional division and the footrace begins at 7:30 a.m.

The shuttle company operating buses at the Atlanta airport... Has been suspended.
     Officials at the Georgia department of public safety... Forced the company to pull its vehicles off the road on Thursday.
One of the buses was involved in an accident in May... Where 17 people were injured.
     Officials investigated the company... Called M-T-I... And found safety violations from bad brakes to bald tires and other problems with the entire fleet.
     A spokeswoman says the company will address the problems.
     The company will not be able to transport passengers... Until they prove their buses are safe.


Two former athletes at the University of Georgia face charges of conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

  22 year-old Demario Mayfield and 25 Year old Ricardo James Crawford were arrested on the 27th of May... Because police say they were acting suspiciously.
     Police found handguns... Masks and gloves.
     Other charges against them include Loitering or prowling... And marijuana possesion.

  Mayfield is a former basketball player who transferred to UNC-Charlotte in 2010.
     Crawford was a defensive tackle for UGA in 2006...and graduated in 2009.


The world prepares to seal the legacy of an International icon... But many have not given up hope for the recovery of Nelson Mandela.

  Family and friends were seen taking flowers to the hospital... Where the 94 year old fights for his life.
     Millions around the world have taken to social media... To make prayers and vigils a global scenario.
     President Obama and the first Lady were hosted by South African President Zuma this evening... In an official state dinner.
     A moment of silence was held for Mandela... And the president was able to meet with the world leader's family and friends.

<"As you go forward, I want you to think of the man who is in our prayers today.  Think -- think about 27 years in prison.  Think about the hardships and the struggles and being away from family and friends.  Reflecting on his years in prison, Nelson Mandela wrote that there were dark moments that tested his faith in humanity, but he refused to give up, and he said, 'I'm fundamentally an optimist. Whether it comes from nature or nuture I cannot say.>

   President Obama also stated that the struggle of Mandela is an inspiration to the world.


     Mandela is listed in critical condition.


  Family and friends gathered today to remember the life of Odin Lloyd... The murdered semi-pro football player at the center of a case against former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez.
     His body was found June 17th... near Hernandez's home.

 Police arrested Hernandez on Wednesday... And he was charged with orchestrating the execution-style shooting of Lloyd.
     Police have also arrested two other men for the shooting... And Hernandez is under investigation for a double homicide in Boston in 2012.
     Prosecutors believe Hernandez arranged the killing... because Lloyd was talking to the wrong people at a nightclub.
     He entered a plea of not guilty... And is being held without bond.


Since the Super Bowl... 27 players in the NFL have been arrested on various charges from attempted murder to child abuse.
     Today... The number went up to 28.
     According to Police... Indianapolis Colts safety Joe Lefeged was arrested on gun-related charges in Washington.

  A spokesman for D-C police said he was a passenger in a car... That fled police while being stopped for speeding early this morning.
     Court records indicated there was an open container of alcohol in the car... A semi-automatic pistol... And the smell of marijuana.
     The charges for Lefeged and another passenger include carrying a pistol without a license... and possession of an unregistered firearm and ammunition. 
     The Colts had no comment.


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