Eyewitness News at 6, May 7, 2013

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 Hello and thanks for joining us. 
    I'm Leah Johnson.
     And I'm Frank Malloy.
I  Church members and family of 19-year-old Jmaal Malik Keyes went to Cochran today to join the search for their loved one.
Keyes was last seen nearly two weeks ago on the campus of Middle Georgia State College.
Judy Le has more.
About 25 extra pairs of hands ...pounded doors and the pavement at the Middle Georgia State College's  Cochran campus...looking for any signs that might lead them to 19-year-old Jmaal Keyes
<jalisa keyes - this is the first time he's never not contacted anybody this amount of time so we're all just very concerned at this point>
Family members and  members of the Divine World Church in Austell...scoured the campus....surrounding neighborhoods...and the downtown area
<we couldn't do this alone and it would be a lot for us so i'm really happy that people are coming together to support us in this>
<pastor wilbur purvis - we just wanted to come along and work along side those individuals and assist and have extra boots on the ground
As volunteers passed out fliers...GBI was also on hand to search from the sky...making sure to cover all angles of the search effort
<shawn douglas, mgsc police chief - sometimes during finals, we find that people tend to stay with friends and family members while they're studying. We hope that's the case in this situation. But as I said earlier, we will continue to follow all leads>
The freshman disappeared the week of finals. Keyes was last seen on April 25th. Four days later.....his mother filed a missing persons report
<we love him and we just want him to come home. Whatever he did, we forgive him. We just want him to come home>
The group split into teams to cover as much land and inform as many people as possible.  
<it was a last minute call, asking people to come. These people took off from jobs, work and away from family and came down in the name of love and family>
The church group searched for about six hours before heading back to Atlanta. 
 Judy Le 13wmaz eyewitness news
If you have any information about Keyes' whereabouts, call the Middle Georgia State College Police Department at 478-934-3002.
  Again... That's 478-934-3002.
Today's 13WMAZ web poll asks... "Do missing-person cases get enough attention from law enforcement?"
So far... 78 percent say no.. They do not get enough attention.. While 22 percent of you say they do.
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  A Jones County man says he shot his girlfriend while handling his gun.
It happened Monday night. 
    That's according to an incident report from the Jones County sheriff's office.
    They say they're investigating whether it was an accident.
Austin Lewis has more on what happened. 
Deputies say they were called out to Joycliff Road by a 9-1-1 call from someone in the house... about an accidental shooting. 
The report says 27-year-old Wayne Goodson was holding 22-year-old Brittany Grizzle in his arms when deputies found them inside.
     The  report says Goodson told deputies that "he killed his girl"
When deputies asked Goodson what happened...an officer wrote...
"He told me he was handling his 3-57 revolver, trying to get the four rounds lined up in the cylinder so they would be the next in line for the barrel. He told me that he had the hammer pulled back and the trigger pulled to release the cylinder and allow it to free spin."
   The owner of Changes Hair Salon in Gray says Brittany Grizzle worked....but she declined to comment further. 
     The incident report also says a child was present... but it doesn't provide any further details. 
    We will keep you updated on the information as we get it in. 

 Right now....Monroe County Sheriff's Deputies are on the scene of a double homicide.
  Jennifer Moulliet is there....and she has more.
Now here's more about that vehicle they're looking for.
A news release described it as a red, late model Ford Ranger or Chevy S-10 pickup truck.
The truck did not have a license plate.
If you have any information on the case...you can call the Monroe County Sheriff's Office at 478-994-7043. Again....that's 994-7043.

  A Laurens County middle school teacher now faces two charges of providing alcohol to minors.
That's according to Sheriff Bill Harrell.
A news release from the sheriff's office says 34-year-old Christie Soles was arrested today.
Superintendent Rob Johnson says Soles taught at the West Laurens Middle School...but was on leave after a previous incident.
He would not describe it.
The sheriff says Soles was released on 3 thousand dollars bond.
7 years of hard work paid off for the City of Macon and Medical Center today.
   This morning they celebrated the New and Pine Streets Improvement Project. 
  The project features a new median that helps to slow traffic... sidewalks with ramps... and concrete that sets the crosswalk apart from the road.
 Before construction began.... sidewalks were cracked.... handicap ramps were minimal and curbs were broken.
  It cost a little more one million dollars.. which came from the state...the Medical Center and from county SPLOST money.
  Project Manager Wimberly Treadwell says they had safety in mind when they came up with the project.
<Box trucks, which are delivery trucks, parked in the center of the street and pedestrians routinely crossed in front of them leaving them unseen by cars and oncoming traffic. The new improvements are wonderfully friendly to the urban environment.>
Assistant Vice President of the Central Georgia Health System...Tim Slocum...says the project has a whopping eleven dollars and seventy-five cents left over.
 Congressman John Barrow says he will not run for the U-S Senate next year.
   The Augusta Democrat says he will seek re-election to the House next year in Georgia's 12th District.
That's a seat that he's held since 2004.
   Barrow is considered one of the state's most conservative Democrats.
He supports gun rights and opposes President Obama's health care plan.
   So far.. four Republican congressmen have declared candidacy for the seat being vacated by retiring GOP Senator Saxby Chambliss.
 Warner Robins High school students got to skype in class today..with a U-S Senator.
   They spoke with Senator Johnny Isakson...who was in the nations capital.
     Sixty-seven AP U.S. Government students weren't afraid to ask hard hitting questions as they picked the senators brain.  
     They asked him about everything from the attack on the U-S embassy in Libya...to a bill calling for fair pay for women.
     Teacher Lou Leskosky (LES-KOS-KEY) says the senator's staff complimented the students...saying their questions were on the same level or better than that of some college students. 
     17-year-old Holden Wright-Caudill (caw-dell) is thinking about having a career in politics. He asked if the senator has any friends in the Democratic party.
When you see on national media all this hate going around between these two parties...it's kind of disheartening looking at this.
Isakson told wright-caudill ( caw-dell) that he does have friends across the aisle and that success in life is based on relationships.
  Two lanes of I-75 north between Rocky Creek Road and Georgia Avenue will be closed starting at 7 tonight.
    Maintenance crews are replacing overhead signs. 
   The closures will end at midnight.
   A lane near Arkwright Road will also be closed from... 9 tonight until six tomorrow morning.
   Crews will shift traffic so they can continue work on the interstate widening project.
  The three candidates for the District 4 seat on the consolidated Macon-Bibb County government want to end racial bickering among local elected officials.
They believe it'll be done when the new government takes office in January.
     The candidates are current Councilwoman Beverly Olson.. Former Councilman Theron Ussery.. And real estate agent Mallory Jones.
      They discuss racial harmony.. Cutting the new government's budget 20 percent in the first five years.. And mandated term limits for the new mayor and commission.
     Olson says it's time to move beyond segregation.
< Beverly Olson, Macon Councilwoman: It's like we can't leave the past behind. Civil rights came in in the 50s and 60s. It's just time to move on. Everyone is the same, and I would treat everyone the same.  >
   Jones says most people know about racial bickering among elected officials.. He says the size of City Council.. 15 members.. but the new nine-member commission should make things better.
< Mallory Jones, Real Estate Agent: I think we're at a time where we need to quit pre-judging anyone by the color of their skin or whether they're a Democrat or Republican. We need to have an open mind and open heart and show respect for everyone at the table and let's work together and let's improve this community.  >
    Ussery says relations.. Racial and otherwise.. Will improve when elected officials recognize what's good for North Bibb County is good for South and East Bibb County as well.. He also says it'll help if elected officials get along. 
< Theron Ussery, Former Councilman: I work well with people. I don't have an agenda. I'm going to do what's best for the community. As far as the racial situation, you're always going to have those situations. You're never going to erase it with some people. But you know, I think we'll have less on this council because you'll have the lesser number.> 
     The election for the new mayor and nine commissioners is scheduled for July 16.. You can catch Close-up in its entirety at noon Saturday and six AM Sunday on 13 WMAZ.
The Heart of Georgia Regional Airport Authority in Eastman won't be abolished after all.
     Governor Nathan Deal vetoed legislation that would have abolished the airport authority and put it under the Dodge-County Eastman Development Authority..
     The governor also vetoed a bill that would've changed the membership and methods of appointment to the Development Authority.
     State Rep. Jimmy Preutt of Eastman pushed the legislation through the General Assembly this year.
 He said the people he represented wanted it done. He added that he's okay with the governor's action.
     Deal vetoed the legislation after a group of Dodge County citizens who support the airport authority visited the governor in Atlanta and asked him to veto it.
Here's a recap on one of our top stories.
  As you heard Jennifer Moulliet report just a few minutes ago...the Monroe County sheriff's 
office has identified two homicide victims.
They are James Pitman Wood...and Russell Jacobs....found dead this afternoon in a Woods Road home.
The sheriff's department reports they have no suspects.
And while they were looking earlier for a red pickup...they now say they've found it...and it's not connected to the case.
Anyone with information on the case...can call the Monroe County Sheriff's Office at 478-994-7043. Again....that's 994-7043.

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