Macon Veterans Endorse Sanford Bishop for Congress

7:15 PM, Oct 29, 2012   |    comments
Rep. Sanford Bishop
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In the race for Georgia's 2nd Congressional seat, some Macon veterans organizations endorsed incumbent Sanford Bishop Monday.

Macon City Council member and veteran Lonnie Miley gave the official endorsement.

Representatives from the local VFW. Ladies Auxillary, Disabled American Veterans and other groups were also on hand.

Miley said Bishop has a record of supporting veteran's interests, such as increasing access to healthcare and sponsoring a bill to help veterans get back into the work force.

Veteran Donald Moore explained why he's supporting Bishop. He said, "There are so many things that veterans have lost, because they don't know how to get the benefits. So, one veteran to another veteran, word passes on when we get somebody in the government actually looking out for veterans."

Bishop's opponent, Republican John House, questioned Bishop's military status calling it a "fraud."

In response to that, Sanford Bishop said he has always been up-front about his service. He says he's never referred to himself as a "veteran", only that he went through basic ROTC training at Fort Benning, but failed the commissioning physical.

His campaign sent 13WMAZ a copy of his 1971 honorable discharge from the United States Army.

John House served on active duty in the Army from 1975 until his retirement as Colonel in 2001.

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