Poll: Georgians Split on Charter-School Question

10:33 AM, Oct 29, 2012   |    comments
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More Georgians support than oppose a constitutional amendment that would make it easier to create charter schools.

But one out of three likely voters is still uncertain about the question.

Those are the findings of a SurveyUSA poll of 574 likely and actual voters. The poll was conducted for our sister station WXIA in Atlanta.

The poll says 38 percent of them plan to support Question One, or have already voted yes. 29 percent are opposed and 33 percent are uncertain.

The margin of error is 4.2 percentage points.

The poll found that:

  • Both black and white voters support Question 1 -- but blacks back it by a slightly larger margin.
  • Voters under age 50 generally support the question, voters over 50 are generally opposed.
  • People who identify themselves as Democrats, independents, liberals and moderates support the question by wide margins.
  • Republicans and conservatives back Question 1 by margins of 1 and 2 points. But people who describe themselves as Tea Party members are opposed, by a 7-point margin.
  • People in the Atlanta area and northwest Georgia back the amendment. But people in south and east Georgia are opposed, by a 1-point margin.

The question would create a state board that could approve charter-school applications. That would let applicants bypass local boards of educations.

Supporters say that would make it easier to create innovative new schools; critics say the state board would take away local control.


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